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Offering dish service with our Resedential Cleaning Service packages


We offer laundry and dry cleaning services with every package


Errands for Seniors, Busy Parents & Working Professionals alike


We can handle your everyday Grocery or General Shopping needs


Schedule chores tailored to your specific needs and we handle them!

Customized Plans

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Cleaning Services

Residential Cleaning
Basic & Deep Cleaning
One Time Cleaning
Move In/Out Cleaning

We offer scheduled cleaning appointments that accommodate the needs you have if you require a service that is not outlined here.

Residential Cleaning Procedures

We will dust, wipe and sanitize all reachable and appropriate surfaces: furniture, counter tops, cabinets, walls (spot cleaning), woodwork, shelving & blinds.

  • Sweep, mop & vacuum all floors
  • Wipe and shine all mirrors, fixtures, door handles & light switches
  • Take out trash & recyclables
  • Clean Windows and glass doors- Inside (Outside extra charge)
  • Sinks scrubbed & disinfected


  • Make beds (if linens are left out)


  • Dust, wash & sanitize all surfaces
  • Wash & sanitize tub, shower, sink and full toilet


  • Wash, wipe cabinet faces
  • Dust, wash, sanitize reachable surfaces
  • Sanitize countertops
  • Clean outside of appliances: toaster, coffee maker, water dispensers
  • stove, microwave, refrigerator external

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Moving, Deep cleaning & Refreshers

All Rooms

  • Dust, wipe, wash & sanitize all surfaces
  • Dust wipe, wash: counter tops, doors, appliances, woodwork
    baseboards, handrails, mantels, interior glass doors and windows; frames, tracks and sills.
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Spot clean walls
  • Dust, wipe, shine light fixtures, ceiling fans & bulbs, and electrical switches/outlets
  • Floors cleaned accordingly: dust, sweep, mop with surface appropriate products
  • Floor vents vacuumed
  • Dust, wipe blinds, shutters
  • Dust, wipe all shelving, drawers & cabinets (inside, outside, tops and bottoms)
  • Sweep fireplace
  • Appliances- refrigerator, stove & microwave (inside, outside, underneath)
  • All glass & chrome cleaned and shined
  • Sinks, tubs, faucets, showers, mirrors & whole toilets cleaned
  • Furnace, heaters, radiators, washer/dryer wiped clean

Errand Services

Hourly Rates
Services offered include Grocery Shopping, Laundry, Dry Cleaning, Home checkups, Waiting Services, etc..

Custom Services available

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